Mother’s Day from a Mothers’ Love 🌸 

So I’ve seen some petty posts out there today on FB about a certain topic, and in my humble opinion: Mother’s day is for anyone who bore a child and brought life into this world; honoring thy mother and thy father, as God intended. Regardless what the relationship is like custodial-wise. Just because some people want to be salty in regards of this does not give anyone a right to deem an “honorable day” out of all days; how they see fit. You don’t make the rules; God does, lest we forget? There’s some good women who truly love their children even if they do not raise them(myself included). But even if I saw myself in a bad place(as I’m sure some mothers truly are) the moral is to just love them UNCONDITIONALLY, regardless of the situation ❤️ it’s not your place to judge someone else’s life, so just pray for them. Anything else is a waste of the hearts true purpose. ☺️


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