Dying to the flesh; Alive in the Spirit. 

Not going to sugar coat it, getting rid of all my rebellious clothes & stuff is kind of hard.  All the memories I have had in them, the people that have crossed my path, the way I have transformed and tried out every style and “Phase” . I forsurely don’t miss the old me, but it’s bittersweet how far I’ve come. All my rasta sweaters and dresses, my metal mulisha shirts, my band T’s, my pro-vactive clothing as well as my “hippie chick” styled-stuff, heck..  even my thugged-out Marilyn Monroe blanket. I sure spent alot of money on this nonsense, even some was handed down or bought for me on a memory and I just feel bad because I can’t bring myself to donate such evil-ness to the people could use a blanket or a sweater,  so to the trash it goes. But I will buy new stuff to donate and I will buy more than what I’ve ridden of, and it will be much more Wirth it with the message of Jesus right along with it. Thank you Lord, for “cleaning out my closet”. 🙌 ❤️

I know he will bless me back tenfold, &  I will now be modest, and classy. I love it! 


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