The Seduction of the Modern “Church”

“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” – Hebrews 10:24-25

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” – Matthew 18:20

I see many posts, many videos, and hear many deceptive messages of what “church” is today and worse, what they preach. There is also an all-too-quick judgement of the believers (like myself) whom typically have their discernment mistaken for pride or ignorance of the fellowship; which is far from the truth. Yes, I choose not to serve in a building but that doesn’t mean I’m not part of the church. What I didn’t choose, was the doctrines of demons that run rampant through the isles of the Sunday pews. I know a lot of people need to hear this and although, I may sound as if I am with righteous anger at the audacity of so called “Christians”, and although I rarely post on my blog (my social media stays lit in Spirit & in Truth), I am just professing with boldness as we are instructed and also just as Paul did, not apologizing, because I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a meek and gentle person, but the words of the righteous will pierce through inevitably. In short, I am not neglecting being a part of the body of Christ as some may have assumed (and accused me of) since I started working out my salvation with fear and trembling. A building every Sunday isn’t necessary to be in Christ Jesus and gather for His names sake nor is it deemed rebellion against God to understand the difference between His Holy Word and man-made doctrines. It’s not a luxury, it’s a fight.. but God calls it a good fight! We are in a spiritual war and most definitely in the last days where deception is increasingly sugar-coated and sprinkled with easy-believism. He SAID this would happen, a great falling away lest you be deceived and if possible, even the very elect. We do need each other and I’m not forsaking the gathering of Christ followers nor am I in disagreement with the only scripture in which those who are against THIS Truth, choose to share. But He also said come out of HER my people and quite frankly He wasn’t just talking about the Catholic Church & this goes the same for sermons.. I don’t actively watch YouTube and the likes for that reason. I STUDY to show myself approved, seeking and knocking and asking. We serve a Faithful GOD who said HE would show us great and mighty things which thou knowest not and promised that His only begotten Son would lead us into ALL truth. But there is also a false “jesus” arising and that is why it is important to test the spirits in which they proclaim. When Jesus said “Some will come in My name saying ‘Behold, Jesus is here or He is there” He was not lying. He foreknew some would confess with their lips that they are born again yet their heart is far from Him. So few will I trust to teach me the Word of God when we can learn for ourselves with guidance from the Holy Spirit which is the Word of God.. Jesus HIMSELF. Don’t get me wrong, I do have elders I seek out with questions but even then the Bible says we have no need that any man teach us “But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him” – 1 John 2:27 🔥. The things I write to you should be tested just as much as the next person by the living breathing, sound Word of God. We are to test everyone by their Spirit, observe their fruit, and use our full discernment and prayer upon such matters and above all stay BOLD yet LOVING when admonishing somebody. Really, I have been called many names because I don’t attend a building for fellowship or teaching. That is actually quite a sad depiction of “admonishing” someone because if you’re a true biblical Christ follower you would understand the deception in westernized Christianity and instead of pointing fingers and calling names, you could be building yourself up spiritually for the edification of the body and oneself to lead the righteous way in which “they” so claim to know. After all, that’s what we are all called to do, “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; FOR THE PERFECTING OF THE SAINTS, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come IN the UNITY of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:” – Ephesians 4:11-13. Do you know what the perfecting of the saints mean? “Be ye Holy as even Your Father in Heaven is Holy” – 1 Peter 1:16. He didn’t say to the knowledge of God He said OF the knowledge of GOD UNTO A PERFECT Saint because HE is coming for His spotless Bride! – Ephesians 5:27. It’s not just accepting.. It’s BECOMING. Are you finding that in your “church”? I personally (while taking into consideration my own studies in Scripture above all) believe there are few (and when I say a few I mean a handful or less) of true apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, evangelists etc.. out of the billions of people on this planet. However, we know that the road to destruction is broad and narrow is the way that leads to LIFE, so God forbid (lest we be deceived by what this world calls the “anointed” like the New-Age [paganism] that’s creeping into the church along with the NAR, WOF movement, Protestant Reformation, etc. you name it) that we turn our ears away from sound doctrine that TRUE brothers/sisters of Christ may serve to us because we are too busy filling pockets at these social clubs.
My stance on church attendance has nothing to do with someone offending me or “getting hurt by the church” as most subjective views of this demean, but rather, finding the very offenses of God in them as they paint a pretty picture of deception. This is apostasy! I am more concerned with my DAILY obedience than my weekly attendance. I am not biased by any means and although I did not grow up a Christian or attend endless building services, I did use to say that I “believed” and I really thought that He didn’t care if we didn’t surrender everything and seek His face in ALL. I thought I could say a few selfish prayers and act like I’d get into heaven because I was generally a “good person” and I believed in my own made up “Jesus”. Now when I look back, I am in utter disgust of how disgraceful I was to such a Holy God! When I was led into TRUTH just as His Spirit said we would be, my discernment was one of the first gifts God gave me and instead of jumping onto any ol’ Sunday pew like the majority of new converts, watching a concert while mistakenly deeming it as a move of the spirit, listening to a comedic personality filtering God’s word wayyy out of context and so on.. I left, prayed and went on to the next – only to find the same thing there too. I just couldn’t get-down with the doctrines of demons and it’s EVERYWHERE! It made me uneasy and I questioned it from the start not knowing it was the Spirit pulling me out from among them because at first, I felt ashamed and had this demon of doubt relentlessly pursuing my organic mind. Praise God for making me steadfast & contending for the faith! When you seek God for the truth, and He leads you through His Word, you will hate every false way. So when I first got saved yes, I did what any “logical” Christian would do – I went in search of a church. During this time, right along side me was someone I’ve known for a very long time who felt led to find her faith again too. We were both new to this city and did not know anyone when her sister suggested a church she used to attend. So we went and the first half was something like a rock show( in which I have attended plenty in my days before Christ) and the second half was a silly sermon explaining how he felt over the weekend and that (quite literally) he can make a “message” out of a vacation he had whilst mentioning no scriptural relevance or true repentance. She loved it and I could tell she felt “at home” when I on the other hand, did not. This was the beginning of what I know now to be called “comfortable Christianity”. Since day 1, my nose was stuck between the living, breathing, flowing, testaments of the Word.. weeping with every turn of the page & at this point, all I knew was the first thing Jesus preached, “REPENT” while taking into consideration especially, the parables of the sower along with every other inspired Word of God. I remember when I told her, “idk, this doesn’t seem right to me”, she replied “its fine, this is what church is”. Unbeknownst to me and as I mentioned above, my family was not “about that life” for a lack of better words so I didn’t know what the inside of a church looked like yet, let alone a TRUE church. She was raised around it all of her life, so I could see how someone in that position could get used to something like this quickly and easily. Quite honestly, I don’t blame her or the tens of thousands, even millions of Christians stuck in the loop of “churchianity”. Of course, I begged her to keep moving her feet forward with me and not make ground there, she hesitated but went with me one more time to a different church I found – she didn’t stay long as it was small, quiet and less flashy and modern than the one her sister suggested. I tried to warn her and others of the heresy infiltrating our minds but at this point I just knew our faiths were very different and I just looked “crazy”. The spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is weak. My heart hurt and as a baby Christian I didn’t understand why I was the one being chosen to be truly set apart when I felt like a mere rag in the hands of our beautiful Elohim, inadequate of the calling He has on my life (before I knew my true identity in Christ) but none the less, I kept pressing into HIM with questions, praying to keep me from being deceived, asking for knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and discernment. I read every statement of faith, called every clerk and attended innumerous services all over this city and from my experience (and diving into scripture like the Bereans) I’ve came to understand that there’s truly a remnant of truth seekers out here and I have yet to find one that hasn’t succumbed to a watered-down, milk-sopped caricature of “Jesus” in which modern Christendom provides. So yes, church attendance doesn’t define one’s devotion to Christ but replacing yourself with Him daily does. I have encountered a lot of “old friends” who when they realized I was converted have always felt such a condemnation over themselves with church defining their walk with Christ that they felt the need to confess to me “to be honest, I believe in God, but I haven’t attended church in awhile, I need to start going again” as if that is what it’s all about and I may be judging them for it?! I weep for these lost souls! I am only dedicated to showing you where to find the true biblical Jesus and when you fail to mention Scriptural relevance in your life, memory work, Bible studying, the need for repentance and to replace our minds with the mind of Christ as we are called to do and ONLY can we do by the WORD of GOD and not through your pastor, then I’ll call for righteous judgment to get off your butt and pick up your cross! There are very very very few whom I have met who not only know the road is truly narrow but actually walk it and spread the gospel as if their lives depended on it, because it does! & I’m not saying everyone’s anointing is the same but you’re wrong if you don’t think we all need to be of one accord.. It is VITAL that we eat, drink, read, and BECOME replaced by the Word of God in order to effectively work out our Salvation. How else are we going to get our spiritual nourishment and create the relationship that we need with our Father in heaven unless we abide IN Jesus by the Living Word that He is? He is THE ONLY WAY. The angels will only hearken unto the voice of the LORD and you cannot fight by yourself with your own understanding or your made-up “Jesus” that tolerates a lukewarm believer or an unrepentant sinner. If you only read Scripture through social media posts, your pastors’ sermon or at the most a daily devotional, I assure you this will not suffice and you must repent while you can brothers and sisters, I beg of you! When the end comes you do NOT want to hear “depart from me, I never knew you!” You want to hear Jesus give an account on our behalf because He said HE would & He CANNOT lie! We NEED His covering. We NEED the voice of Jesus leaving our lips daily fighting the enemy and the “old man” lest you be stuck in deceit by the great deciever himself! It won’t be obvious to you unless you compare what you think you “know” by what you read in the Bible.. It’s all in there. Everything you’ll ever need to LIVE is right there in His Word not in a building. It’s A guidebook to handle life and the ways of the world that come against you including infirmities, financial problems and persecutions. It is a strong-tower to run to when you are scared and He makes you safe, a comforter in times of pain, heartbreak, or sadness and a telephone to God the Father for anything else! The fervent prayers of the RIGHTEOUS availeth much.. NOT the prayers of everyone else. Do not forget there is a “god” of this world, and he can give you “whatever” you want as well. That’s exactly how he tried to tempt Jesus when he came to Him in the wilderness and what did Jesus say? “Away from me, satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.” Then Jesus told US, “Remember the Word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master'” so, we are not exempt. Well how do we become righteous? By His Spirit! His Spirit will quicken you for it IS powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. In order to have His Spirit we need the Word of God(Jesus) living inside us witnessing and interceeding on our behalf to our Triune Almighty Elohim. Do you fear HIM? Truly ask yourself. He will know who His children are by the fruits of our labour and our labour is light. We will eat, drink, and become renewed – filled up with new wine. Hunger and thirst after righteousness.. those who truly LOVE Him will take heed to this message because loving Him is our first commandment or else we will perish for a lack of knowledge. Matthew 26:40-41 – “And he cometh unto the disciples, and findeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with me one hour?”. Don’t make excuses for yourself. This is why everything we’ve been drilled to believe of what a Christians’ expectations are by society has become so null and void of the Word of God because they aren’t truly AFTER the Word of God to begin with. Religion does not mix with relationship. This isn’t pride by any means because let me tell you how much it’s definitely been in my prayers with tears streaming down my face for more sound believers to gather with 💜 & yes, the Bible does say to not forsake fellowship but also what fellowship hath light with darkness? I’m not neglecting it and nor am I “in rebellion against God” for it as someone recently said to me. Where two or three are gathered in His name there He is in the midst and It doesn’t require a building to have that, in fact, the early Church didn’t have it like that.. Jesus HIMSELF said He didn’t abide in a temple made by hands! It’s hard to find solid people whom have a humble, teachable spirit that can learn and grow with me on this journey. I am not trying to be influenced by those of whom He will spew out of his mouth on judgement day & those of whom that refuse to wake up from the seductive trance of modern Christianity, when my eyes have been opened. He said “if you’re not for me, you’re against me”. It’s too easy to fall into the snare of the enemy these days.. 😔 I mean, who wouldn’t want the beauty of fellowship in the amount of those gathered in a building? Of course I do. It is our whole purpose to help save as MANY souls as we can. So it is truly dying to my flesh and being obedient to the Holy Spirits’ leading. I fight the warfare daily & quite honestly, I do believe the Truth is really out there but in a select few. Gathering with believers IS crucial and although this road can be lonely, I am not alone, PRAISE God! I do fellowship with like-minded believers and will continue to grow because He said a good work He starts in us will He bring to completion, but I don’t have nearly enough brothers and sisters in Christ and it does hurt. My heart will always yearn for more of the truly saved to walk this walk with. This is just part of His will for my life currently and what He is teaching me, for His ways are greater than our ways. He says He honors the one who sware by their own hurt changeth not. This means we do not compromise, waiver, or change for the love of the Truth ( Psalm 15:4). The majority are continuing on in this cycle at such a fast rate because they are caught up in the satanic strategies guised as “light and love”. Have you asked yourself, “Why, if believers are supposed to be a peculiar people, set apart and chosen, are they conformed to this world system?” A little leaven leavens the whole lump. “Why then, do 99% of Christians who say they attend church yet have never read the Bible all the way through in their entire life when we KNOW out of the thousands striving to enter into the promised-land did only 2 make it?” “Why do we continuously lean on our own understanding that has gotten us further from the Truth as it is so evidently clear with the dividing of these so-called denominations?” 300,000+ & “Why do we trust man to lead, when man has led us into this mess in the first place?” & non-denoms are the worst ones because there is absolutely no structure or order in there and GOD is a GOD of order! It truly is the blind leading the blind and satan is having such a field day. I will keep my lamp full so that Jesus Christ may be the light shining through me in this dark hour. When it really comes down to it, we know this is not a war against each other but against principalities, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places and although we are the ones who fall for the temptations’ of the enemy, I am not against you brethren. I love you and I AM for you and your souls.. and I will continue to spread Truth, be rebuked, spit on, and slandered just as Jesus did FOR YOU “But as many as received HIM, to them gave He power to become the Sons of God, even to them that believe on His name” -John 1:12 ❤ .

Praying always, – Lorena Nicole.


One thought on “The Seduction of the Modern “Church””

  1. Oh wow, Lorena, this is such a good and solid word. You have so much wisdom and truth wrapped up in the message! This is Holy Spirit power unleashed in the life of a saint surrendered unto Him. I want to encourage you to continue pouring out the truth. The prophets were never accepted by the people, but were ordained of God. That is the measure you should walk in.


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